My First Ever Post Season Red Sox Game - 13 Innings - WHAT A GAME!

Yesterday was amazing!!!!! I won't lie I did start to get a little delirious around the 12th Inning as I started my Sunday Funday at Cask N Flagon to watch the Pats first before heading to Fenway for my first ever Post Season Red Sox Game.

I went armed with a few lucky things... my gold sequined baseball jacket (FYI - had a few compliments on it... $25 on Amazon my friends) and my #18 Johnny Damon jersey. YES I KNOW! He went to the Yankees not too long after I bought that jersey and it took me years to be able to wear it again, but he was still part of what I deem the best Red Sox team thus far - 2004! We wouldn't have gotten that without him!

I'm lacking any nails today, but 13 amazing innings singing all the Fenway classics with new friends in the stands! The guys in front of us were the typical Bostonian crap talkers and we were laughing and fist pumping with them all the way through!

Thank you Christian Vasquez for knocking one of those Pinata fast balls out the park to end it 6-4... Game 4 tonight at Fenway! If they win tonight the Red Sox are officially Division Champs and on route to the ALCS! If Game 5 is forced then that will be played Wednesday back in Tampa.

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