Jimmie Allen Salsas to Britney's "Outrageous" on #DWTS WATCH

Jimmie lives to DANCE another week! Last night it was the Bling Empire lady that got sent home.

The judges however... RUDE... when it came to critiquing Jimmie. Well the other two less Bruno. Bruno gave him a rave review and an 8! The outfit was fabulous and the dance looked great to me.

Now last nights' episode was interesting as they tried to capitalize on the "Free Britney" movement. All the dances were to Britney cover songs. That's right they didn't even dance to her voice... covers.

And Tyra was wearing knock off Britney costumes. My fave... the one that many compare to a Jurrassic Park Dino... once you see it - you can't unsee it.

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