LeAnn Rimes Shares 'Raw, Pure Experience' With Husband Eddie Cibrian

Photo: Norman Seeff

LeAnn Rimes and her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, were set to return from a trip to Mammoth, California, when they pulled their RV over in a mountainous desert for the night. That’s where the husband-and-wife duo ended up filming the music video for “spaceship,” one of the tracks on Rimes’ latest album, god’s work.

They captured the video in four takes, filming it all on an iPhone.

Rimes doesn’t think she’s “ever had a more raw, pure experience captured on film,” she said in an Instagram post on Tuesday (September 27), announcing that the video premiered:

“tears. rage. loneliness…. when it came time to create a video for ‘spaceship’, i knew it needed to reflect those same feelings and be as intimate as the lyrics. so, i recruited the best in the business to direct this video for me, my husband, eddie. he has an incredible eye and knows me so well, which really allowed me to expose my most primal, emotional self.
“we were coming back from a trip to mammoth, ca in our rv and pulled over in the alabama hills, mountainous desert for the night. the sun was setting and the light was just perfect, so he told me to go grab a blanket, he wanted to try something. so, with no clothes, no makeup or hair, just completely bare, and through a lot of tears and laughter, we shot 4 takes of the song. that’s the video! i don’t think i’ve ever had a more raw, pure experience captured on film.”

Rimes and Cibrian filmed the “spaceship” music video in under 30 minutes, according to a press release about the official music video on Tuesday. Rimes’ “gut-wrenching tears and soul-searching looks of hope,” paired with her powerful lyrics, stand out in front of the desert background.

“The vulnerability that’s seen in the video really speaks to my own emotional connection with the song and the intention in which it was written,” Rimes said in the release. “When we were writing and working on the track, we were still in the midst of COVID and the feelings of isolation and despair were everywhere around us. While reflecting, I realized that there’s a lot of hope that comes from letting it all out and expressing these harder emotions. I think the song gives everyone permission to take time and really just have a moment of having it out with God, so we can move past it and get back to living life.”

Cibrian added in a statement: “We were on our way back from Mammoth when I said we should stop in Alabama Hills to scout a possible location. Once we got there and found a spot, the sun was setting and there was something magical at that exact moment. We knew we needed to capture something then. It was intimate, emotional, and powerful. We only did four takes, which were a mix of sunset and sunrise to capture both sets of light. It all came together beautifully.”

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