Three Real Housewives Offered Diminished Roles - RHONY

BravoTV addict right here! Everything Real Housewives... I watch! One of my favorite casts - Real Housewives of New York. This past season ... it wasn't great. It was cool they filmed some in Salem, but the cast match ups... new vs. old just didn't sit right with most.

Admittedly one of the reasons why I watch is for the mindless entertainment and this season they made politics a focal point. I think many just were looking for an escape and that's not what was offered this season. The ratings were so bad for one of the OG Housewives cast that they didn't even do a reunion!

The network will be waiting til 2022 to film so they can figure out what to do to fix, but that also means figuring out what to do with the cast.

According to RADAR they've offered three of the women that have been on since the beginning "friend" roles. Sonja, LuAnn, and Ramona have all been offered diminished roles for Season 14.

What do you think could save this cast???

More Deets (RadarOnline)

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