Least Favorite Fast Food Joints By Country - I OBJECT!

Online review hub RAVE has compiled negative tweet and reviews by country to figure out the "most hated" fast food joints. Now I can find something I love at just about every fast food joint, but lets also remember... fast food in moderation!

Some were not shocking... like Mexico hating Taco Bell. Canada not a fan of Orange Julius.

In the USA - Domino's ... here's my rebuttal to said hate.

#1 Domino's has excellent Robust Pizza Sauce

#2 - Domino's is a pioneer when it comes to tracking your food order! They were the firsts! I remember in my 20s when I got too toasty to drive or grill I was so excited to order so I could follow the pizza tracker! "George is putting your pizza in the oven" - "Your pizza is out for delivery"...

And as for the World.... KFC. WHHAAAAAAAAAAAT. Maybe fried chicken just isn't a favorite cuisine world wide, but I'd shower in that gravy if I could!


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