JNCO Jeans - Goldfish Special Edition Partnership

Well this is an interesting partnership - JNCO Jeans & Goldfish.

Goldfish is coming out with a Jalapeno Popper flavor (sounds good to me) and as a part of this launch they're teaming up with some of the baggiest jeans ever created; JNCO jeans!

Skaters were big on rocking the JNCO jeans in the late 90s and eventually it became a little more mainstream. Yes I owned a pair and the bottoms were so ripped from walking on my own pants.

This special pair of jeans will have a pocket big enough to hold a bag of Goldfish. $200 for a pair of these special pants complete with a free bag of Goldfish. Check Out More Deets! (Food & Wine)

Check out Teens reacting to these pants ... my fav part "They're pants for Fat Albert" .

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