Tuesday Workout Motivation - Today I Hit A Gym Milestone

Back in December I made a deal with myself... no matter how slow the progress felt by going to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week I was just going to keep on going. I wanted to build back the habit so that going to the gym would become so routine that I craved the workout and skipping a day would be the thing that felt odd.

Even before COVID I realized I had stopped taking care of my physical and more importantly mental health. When I'm consistently working out I'm able to tackle stressful situations soundly, I feel accomplished when I hit milestones, and overall that makes me happier which keeps my depression in check.

And yes... I had packed on 20 pounds of body fat that wasn't previously there when I first moved out to Boston in 2018. This is the part where I had to remind myself not to get discouraged because I know that number may not go where I want it to right away. Measure improvement on feeling, the ability to do a real push up when four months ago you couldn't, on how clothes suddenly fit better again.

Today when I hit my gym (F45 in Medford... the gym Mark Wahlberg dropped by last week ;-)) I was informed that I had reached my 101st class since December. Yes I've lost some body fat and gained back muscle, but the most important thing; I feel happier and I have back my outlet to relieve stress when I get a little overwhelmed.

If you're on a health journey of your own just remember it's about building back the habit/routine. Consistency is key and we all have different bodies. Personally, I believe the most important changes you'll gain from a fitness routine is the mental benefits. So if you feel a little like 2020 kicked your butt... start kicking back!

Working out with Wahlberg

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