Amanda Jo's Weekend Adventures - Meet Tom The Turkey

I'm not one to sit still too long so I always have a story to share especially after the weekend. This weekend however I laid a little low. All the blooming trees though I love them... they don't exactly love me so I was a little tired for usual shenanigans, but I still got a few good stories...

#1 - Closed Friday out by dining at 224 Boston Street Restaurant in Dorchester. Colton was raving about it & I'll just say I did drinks, dinner, and dessert! Make sure to check them out! @224BostonStreet on Insta

#2 - Roxy met a new friend named Lucky! I spent my Saturday getting in my F45 "Hollywood" workout followed by a stroll through the Fells with my friend and her new adopted greyhound "Lucky". My dog is very particular about her friends, so I was glad she made a new one! Snagged this after stroll shot of Lucky on the patio.

#3 - Came across Mr. Tom the Turkey. The weekend before I had gone for a run in the neighborhood and came across this HUGE Tom and mate. I made sure to give the turkey a little more space, but as soon as I passed it over my headphones I could hear it squawking and running behind me. Needless to say that portion of my run was a sprint!

Saw him again and made sure to give him extra space, but also got photo proof to show my friends the size of this guy!

#4 - And of course Mother's Day on Sunday... I ventured to Douglas to spend some time with the parents. Priscilla (my mom) enjoyed a delicious Wright's Chicken Farm Lunch and some new Converse kicks! Hope if you celebrated Mother's Day you had a good one!