Woodstock 99 Docu Coming To NETFLIX

I love a good music documentary. Hell much of my knowledge comes from watching every Behind The Music ever crafted on VH1. The Fyre Fest documentary on NETFLIX I must have watched at least ten times because I had to show how ridiculous it all was to all my friends.

However, when we think of top music festivals of all time... WOODSTOCK should immediately come to mind. I've always been fascinated. I wasn't even a thought in 1969; was too young for Woodstock 94 and by the time 99 came around to celebrate the 30th anniversary - well all hell broke loose!

Woodstock 99' was a massive disaster - looting, violence, fires... hmmm sounds a little like 2020 aside from overflowing toilets. I remember the extensive coverage on MTV - crazy hot conditions - overpriced bottled waters - crappy (literally) conditions, 400,000 people on top of each other for 4 days... people weren't peaceful... they were hot and bothered!

The new docuseries on NETFLIX will look into the conditions that created the hot mess of Woodstock 99 - how three days of unity and peace literally went up in flames. No date yet... but I'm on the look out!

(More Info From Deadline)