A Digital Detox in a National Park Could Score You $1000

This is my kind of easy $1000 challenge! A company in Salt Lake City is offering people to take a "Digital Detox Challenge". Live in an RV parked at a US National Park without any Internet or phone service. One applicant will be randomly selected.

Once the time is up an Internet hotspot is provided so the winner can post about their experience.

SIGN ME UP! I've been to Yellowstone - Yosemite - Grand Canyon - Acadia - St. John and let me tell you... one of the things I enjoy best is cell/internet service inside the parks are terrible. I LOVE IT! When I head on vacation I literally can tell people you won't be able to reach me so figure it out/I'll get back to you!

This year should have been the Smoky Mountains... looks like 2021!

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