Tiny Things To Do Every Day To Feel Younger

We’re all getting older and there’s nothing we can do about that, but there are things we can do to help feel younger. Simple things like reconnecting with old friends and smiling more often can help us feel healthier and more youthful, too.

  • Get outside and exercise- It’ll make you feel more productive, get your endorphins flowing and aerobic exercise can boost your metabolism, too.
  • Smile more often-Researchhas found smiling can bring all kinds of benefits, including lifting your mood, lowering stress and blood pressure, and even make your lifespan longer.
  • Adopt or foster a new pet- Having a pet can help people live a happier, healthier lifestyle and having a sense of purpose can make them feel younger, too.
  • Reconnect with old friends- Reaching out to friends you’ve lost touch with from your past can mentally set back the clock and remind you what it felt like to be young.
  • Be intimate with your partner- According toone study,having sex can make you look and feel seven years younger by activating feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers in the body, easing anxiety, and helping older people sleep better.
  • Listen to the music you loved as a teenager- Play songs from your youth to trigger memories of your younger days. Watching one of your favorite old movies can also take you back to your good old days mentally.
  • Quit any bad or unhealthy habits- We’re looking at you cigarette smokers! Research finds the effects of smoking canmake you look and feel much olderthan you actually are.
  • Drink more water- Being well-hydrated can help you feel more energized and also keeps your skin looking supple.
  • Take a virtual yoga class- It’s a great form of low-impact exercise that gets your heart pumping, muscles moving, and promotes flexibility, which can help you feel younger.
  • Wear sunscreen- Skin damage from the sun definitely won’t help you feel younger, but preventing it with sunscreen can help protect against skin cancer, premature aging, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.


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