The Science Of Happiness - Do These 5 Things!

Dr. Alan Schlecter teaches the most popular elective class at NYU "The Science of Happiness". No matter where you are at in life this is great to help you cope with life!

Dr. Schlecter has said there's a daily exercise we can all do to makes us happier in the key number is five; not three, but FIVE! Do five random conscious acts of kindness daily. That's right make a conscious decision to be nice to other people! And they can be simple... hold a door for someone or hey if you see someone rocking an outfit you think looks great (I spot style all the time) tell the person you like it! I had a woman tell me she liked my dress at the gas station last week and it def put my day on the proper trajectory!

Check out more from Dr. Schlecter on why 5! (Business Insider)

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