Week 2 - St Jude Run/Walk Training Plan


Now about 5 weeks out from the St. Jude Run/Walk on the Boston Common. Join our Bull Team!! It's $10 to participate which goes to St. Jude and you can run or walk it! It's just about 2 miles and I'm sharing the training plan that I'm using!

For all my runs I use the Nike Run App and I have the coach set up to train for a 5K ... so we'll be over prepared for this one :-)

Accountability Check - Last week we should have completed a 15 minute benchmark run, a 1.5 run/walk, and a half mile recovery day. I completed the benchmark and 1.5, but I'll admit it's been madness and I didn't do the half mile yesterday, but I did walk plenty around St. Anthony's Feast in the North End ;-)

Great thing about the Nike Run app is that after you complete your week it will actually adapt the plan to work with the actual workouts you completed. So this week is looking a little light; 3/4 tempo run and 4 x 400 speed workout. I'd say maybe add in a walk or two this week if you are completely going from a couch to 5K, but below are the workouts we def should get in.

I need a track that I can use for the 4 x 400 ... anyone know of one open to the public in either Dorchester or Medford areas?

Here's the link to join the team!


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