Week 1 - St Jude Run/Walk Training Plan


I've completed 6 half marathons for St. Jude; two in Memphis, two in Nashville, one in Las Vegas, and one in Savannah. This year I'm excited to run the St. Jude Run/Walk right here in Boston and I would love if you would come along! Now I've been a bit of a slacker in the recent months and I don't run like the wind to begin with so if you're afraid to take this one here is what I say to you (things I remind myself when I'm running)-

A - You're not going to win the race... it's not about winning but completing it for yourself, but more importantly doing it for the kids and families of St. Jude

B - Those kids go through a fight every minute of every day... you running/walking a 5K is nothing compared to what they deal with on the daily

C - You don't have to run the whole thing

D - It's FUN! Make some new friends and let's do this!

Now here is the training plan I'm going to use... I use the NIKE Run App "NRC" ...this is the schedule for week 1

Training Week 1 Plan

Your first "Benchmark" run will help the app see where you are with your level or running. Eventually the app will adjust to your level of training and tweak some of your runs. I've used the Nike Run app to train for all my halves. There are plenty of Couch to 5K apps, but I find this best since we can program it for a plan 6 weeks out from the race.

It's $10 to join the Run/Walk on 9/28. SO LET'S DO IT! Bring your friends! I'll share my plan each week and eventually share some spots for group training runs!

Sign Up Here!

Location of Event 9/28

Boston Common

Corner of Beacon and Charles Street

Boston, MA 02116


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