Baylee Littrell - The Next Generation! Do You Know His Famous Dad!

Yesterday was such a treat!!! Lord Bradford informed me first thing in the morning that a new artist would be stopping by... his name Baylee Littrell. His dad... Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys!

The inner 15 year old in me was freaking the fudge out, but I kept it together and was put quite at ease! The whole family is amazing! Clearly talking to Brian was a mind blowing moment for me, his wife Leighanne... I want to shop and drink wine with her, and Baylee is much older than his legit age! Baylee is talented, well-spoken, and funny!

Now I missed the opening of the Backstreet Boys show last night at the Garden which Baylee opened, but he did give The Bull and Colton a shout out from the stage. By the time I arrived there was about and hour left of the show and it was sooooo worth it! Those men can still pack the Garden... the screams were ear piercing (yes I contributed) and Nick Carter... if you could tell me where to find that sequin camo jacket it would be much appreciated!

Check out Baylee in our studios, his song "Boxes", and some footage from BSB rockin the Garden last night!



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