9 Year Old Gets Too Close To Bison In Yellowstone - Lucky To Be OK

So glad that this girl avoided serious injury at Yellowstone National Park , but this is a reminder that when out in the woods or any of our National Parks that the animals are WILD! Yellowstone has been my favorite of the parks I've visited thus far because of all the wild life (the only thing I didn't see while their was a Grizzly Bear and that was OK). Signs are all over the park not to feed the animals and to stay 25 yards away from animals like bison, elk, and moose. 100 yards away from wolves and bears.

This incident built up from a group of about 50 people hanging out about 10 feet from the bison for a good 20 minutes. Eventually the bison reacted.

If you're planning on taking a trip to any of the parks especially Yellowstone mind the signs and get trained in bear spray!


Some of my pics from my Yellowstone Adventure in 2016 - Note I took the pic of the bison from the car. I witnessed a number of people get out of their vehicles and walk about five to ten feet away to get their pic. They got lucky!


I didn't purposely get this close to a bear ... as I was hiking Mt. Washburn I noticed a cluster of pine cones under a tree. I started to kick them around a little and walked a little further on before I heard other people on the trail yell bear. Apparently the youngin was above my head without me knowing and decided it was time to come down. Snapped the pic and we got a move on it in case mom was anywhere nearby!



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