Knocked A Few Things Off My Bucket List Over The Weekend

The heat may have knocked me out Saturday night for 12 hours til Sunday, but it didn't stop me from knocking a few things from my bucket list this weekend... I'm all about collecting experiences!

Saturday I got the chance to help co-host some field breaks with Boston Cannons Field Host Julia Scaparotti! The whole crew there was delightful to work with and I got the chance to stand on a professional sports field.

The Boston Cannons Men's Professional Lacrosse team call Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy home and it was so much fun to be there. There were some youngins that got to play before the game too. These kids were adorable to watch. Especially when the main event started and all they wanted to do was high five the players. Of course the players were so kind to the kids! It's not often kids can get that close to their sporting heroes! If you're looking for a fun time with your entire fam or potential lacrosse players get to a game! Next home game is August 10th!

AND on Sunday my pal Louie Bello had invited me to a pool party/music video shoot! I did not partake in the coordinated dance part - A - I'm not great with coordinated dance B - I wasn't feelin me being on camera in a bikini at the moment (girl has been slacking on her gym routine). However, I did offer my talents for a cannonball into the pool... time will tell if it makes it into the finished product.

His song is called "Got It Bad" and it's catchy AF sampling a little Mase/PDiddy "Feel So Good"!



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