Jake Owen Claps Back At Hater After He Releases "Believe" Cover


In celebration of Pride month Jake Owen released his own version of Cher's "Believe"! It's fabulous, but some people still find it necessary to spread ignorance instead of love.

A fan posted an anti-gay comment on the post saying  "Suddenly I feel sick that I have tickets to your show here on Thursday night." She further commented she felt bad for his two daughters!

Jake as classy as could be responded with,"I'm sorry you feel sick that you have tickets to my show Thursday night. Maybe it would do you good to come out, smile, laugh, sing along with a bunch of strangers that are all going through what we call 'life,' I definitely didn't delete your comment or anyone's comment from this feed. It's really only you and few other ignorant people that make yourself look silly." 

He also said should she choose to come to the show he would giver her a hug because she clearly needs it, but if she doesn't "trust me ... we will all be okay. We like to share our shows with people that are kind and loving."

MIC DROP JAKE OWEN! Spread love not hate friends!


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