Fan Gives Cole Swindell Special Gift At Gillette

Meet Abigail... Fall 2017 Abigail reached out with a story of how the song "You Should Be Here" made a big impact on her. That year Cole Swindell was playing The Big E. Well I spotted her in the bleachers when the gates opened and I made sure she had a chance to go meet him backstage.

WELL this past Friday night she got to meet up with Cole again before the show at Gillette to gift him something very special.

If you didn't know Cole wrote "You Should Be Here" in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium back in 2014 on tour with Luke Bryan. The song is about his father who he lost in 2013.

Artists are given gifts quite a bit, but this may be the most thoughtful I've seen to date. Abigail looked up the date he wrote the song and then went to Esty to create a plaque that featured the exact sky from the night Cole wrote the song along with Cole's father's name & "Never Forgotten".

From what Abigail told me it sounds like Cole got a bit teary eyed and I'm sure it's a gift he will hold on to!

Amazing Abigail!


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