15 Years Ago Today ...The Pop Star That Almost Played Allie


It's one of the movies ...if it's on I'm gonna watch it for at least a little while! 15 years ago today we were gifted "The Notebook". It made Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams stars!

However, there are a few fun facts you may not know about this book turned into a movie.

Yes it was based on a real life couple. Originally Steven Spielberg showed interest in making this movie with Tom Cruise as the lead in the mid 90s. Fast forward to 2004 the movie was finally happening with Ryan Gosling as the lead. Initially there were a few other big names considered for Allie; Britney Spears actually read with Ryan and Jessica Biel also auditioned. My how different it could have been, but when Rachel auditioned they knew they found the proper Allie!

Here's some other Fun Facts that may make you cry! (Eonline)


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