617 Dive Bar Tour! Suggestions Please...

There's a few things I absolutely needed once I made the official move from the 413... taco joints & DIVE BARS! Now I've been on a Taco Tour of Boston, but the release of this Garth/Blake song "Dive Bar" only tells me it's time to start up a Dive Bar Tour too!

What makes a dive to me... a juke box, darts or Big Buck Hunter (FYI I'm a hustler at this game), cheap beer, popcorn machine is preferred, and it's always appreciated if the bar has KENO or a nudie photo hunt machine... I never said I was classy!

A few dives I've already been in the know about and love....

Durty Nelly's outside Faneuil

Biddy Earlys in the Financial District

Silhouette in Allston

What are some other must Dive Bars in Boston??? Let's do a tour!!!!



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