Last Night I Touched A Rock Star (Appropriately)

My first outdoor concert of the season was last night and no it was not country. Our Lady Peace - LIVE - BUSH at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion! Before Tim McGraw really reeled me into the country format I grew up listening to Classic & Alternative Rock. Although now I realize that "Alternative" could actually be considered "Classic" now. The Altimate Tour was to mark the 25th anniversary of the release of two epic albums... "Throwing Copper" - Live & "Sixteen Stone" - Bush.

Admittedly I had a bit of a crush on Gavin Rossdale growing up.

All time favorite Bush song... "Little Things". Well during this particular jam Gavin ran off into the crowd! Imagine my delight when he came down the row my friend and I were occupying for the evening. Clearly we calmly high-fived him.

Actually I missed the hand totally and grazed his forearm, but heck I TOUCHED GAVIN ROSSDALE! When their set was over we headed right to the merch table and bought ourselves shirts to commemorate this most epic evening! I said I would never buy a concert tee with an artists' face on the front, but here I am writing this with Gavin's face plastered on me like a billboard!

Check out the footage!!!



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