Full Lunch Date With Riley Green


I've always found in the dating world that Lunch Dates are very non committal for a first date. They're easy to get out of if all the sudden it gets really awkward. I can lend you my excuses later, but for quick catching up with artists I thought I'd try something a little different than a typical interview... let's get ridiculous first before getting down to business!

Hopefully, they don't find it so awkward that they hope to get off the phone ;-)

Thanks Riley Green for being my first guinea pig for a "Lunch Date"

What exotic animal would he use on a Tinder profile/How big of a fish would he post/Where would we go on an actual lunch date.. .

And of course we get down to business about his tour this summer and his new jam "In Love By Now" !

Check out our "Lunch Date" chat!


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