Kip Moore Last Night At The Wilbur - (Two Types of Songs - Fun & Great)


Two artists I try my darnedest not to miss when they come to town... Eric Church & Kip Moore! These two are true artists that don't always play by the businesses rules.

There's two types of music in my mind... fun songs and great songs. Some can be both, but more often than not a fun song is enjoyable for a short time; it may go to number one (business politics) and then disappear never to be heard on radio again. You may hear it in concert years later and think to yourself... oh dang I forgot I knew that song!!!

A great song is one where the lyric first and foremost connects with the listener and the music is just the flare that makes it a song. These are the songs/the records that you'll wear out when you first get them and continue to revisit over your lifetime. Even if you went just a few years without hearing the song you would have this immediate connection upon hearing it again. Not just remembering the words, but to quote Church you would connect a moment to a memory. And 20 years from now that song would still be a great song!

To me Eric Church & Kip Moore are true artists because they keep pumping out great songs record after record. I still play Sinners Like Me & Up All Night albums at least once every few months.

Getting slightly off my soap box...

Last night I got to hop on Kip's tour bus before he played the show at The Wilbur and he played a few new songs for a few of us radio peeps. Once again he's pumped out some amazing tunes and hopefully all three of them will be on a new album late this year or early next year.

As for the show... been obsessed with "It Ain't California" since he released the "Room To Spare" EP and it was my first time getting to see it in concert. Also loved his acoustic version of "Crazy One More Time'.

I realize the show last night sold out super fast, but you still have a few more chances to see him this summer!

June 29th - Cape Cod Melody Tent

June 30th - Indian Ranch - Webster MA



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