My Girls Vay-Cay - Savannah & Tybee Island Tips


One of my Greenfield girlfriends is getting married this summer and a few of us decided to whisk her on a little adventure. We chose Tybee Island & Savannah Georgia as our destination. Perfectly enough there happened to be a Wine Festival going on the weekend we picked!

SO first off... the dress is from Free People ;-) I had a lot of peeps ask when I posted this pic over the weekend. If you have a Macy's card wait for a 20% off sale :-)


Our first full day we traveled to Savannah for lunch at Huey's on the River Walk. I recommend if you go to get the crab benedict and hit up Wet Willies for a slushie adult bevy while you most likely wait about 20-30 for a table. After a little bite to eat we traveled to the outskirts of town to check out Bonaventure Cemetery. BEAUTIFUL! I thought I would be a bit creeped out, but it was so serene and the spanish moss on the trees really provided some serious ambiance. A lot of history in there and if you're familiar with "Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil" it's quite the setting.

When we wrapped up with the dead we traveled another 30 minutes (about 15 miles) to Tybee Island where we nabbed an Air BnB right near the beach! We got up early to see the sunrise and watch the pelicans and porpoises! Twas magical, but one most also be aware that there are some things to keep an eye out for... snakes, jelly fish, & sand fleas (make sure to get the sunscreen with the bug spray).

We followed up our afternoon with lots and lots of wine. I capped my night with a private pool party. I wasn't opposed to company, but I just forgot to send out invites.

The next day we headed to Savannah for a full day of sights. I had been once before in October for a St. Jude Run so I knew some of the big points of interest. This is what I suggest ...

Chippewa Square - This is the square that Forest Gump sat in telling his story to strangers. The bench is no longer there as it is in a museum, but there's plenty of other places to sit and take in the view.

Forsyth Park - the water fountain is amazing!

Mercer Williams House - This famous house is in Monterey Square ... if you've seen the movie or read the book "Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil" you'll be familiar

St. John's Cathedral - We had to wait for Church to get out, but it's one of the most photographed churches because of the beautiful stain glass windows

River Market Square - River Street is an entire strip along the water where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs and watch the large barges and river boats go by

And we capped the night off with dinner at the Pink House. Initially we tried for a reservation months out and couldn't get one, but we waited outside early before they opened Sunday and were lucky to score a table downstairs in the tavern. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! In fact their BLT Fried Green Tomato salad is a must! We were told by a few to get it as it was featured on a TV show "Best Things You'll Ever Eat" (or something like that).

On a trip to the bathroom two of us were stopped by the host ... he asked "Do you want the haunted bathroom or a non haunted bathroom"... since there were two of us we felt brave. However, the lady of the house at times will lock women in the bathroom if she doesn't like them. Apparently she was cool with us because we got out!

*My first trip to Savannah I took a haunted tour. I highly recommend doing it because you learn a lot of history. In fact Savannah and Boston would battle over who was the most haunted city. I'll go ahead and say that Savannah wins. When you hear someone say the city was built on bodies they aren't lying to you. When they built the famous streets/squares out they moved many tombstones to nearby cemeteries but didn't actually move the bodies.

The one regret from this trip... we were informed by numerous people to go to Jen's & Friends for a delicious and creative martini. Sadly, on Sundays Jen & Friends take a rest! CLOSED!!!! Next time!

If you're planning a trip yourself and have questions feel free to shoot me a message! You can always DM me on Insta @AmandaJoDJ



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