This Weekend's Taco Tour Stop - Burro Bar


My latest stop on my Taco Tour of Boston this past Friday night was Burro Bar in the South End. The manager was the one that gave me the heads up about this place and I'll def be making some return visits! Their bartenders thus far have been my favorite... passion fruit tequila shots... DELICIOUS!

I allowed the manager Nate to bring out food that he though my girlfriends and I had to try and dude nailed it!

Ceviche - typically I don't enjoy raw fish of any kind, but for tuna sometimes I make an exceptions. I gave it a whirl and loved it!

Their Mexican Street corn is only the 2nd stop I've experienced that serves it off the cob. Honestly my preference because I cut it off the cob no matter what... If you've had braces it's just something I've carried along since I was 16. If you like your Mexican Street corn with an extra spice ... BOOM!

AND my favorite thing we were served was the pork carnitas... my go to taco! They get points for throwing some apple chunks on top of the meat!

Also shout out to Nate for trying to slip some country music ...Dixie Chicks "Cowboy Take Me Away" on in the restaurant. I was loving the early 2000s throwbacks, but greatly appreciated the Dixie throwback.

SOOOO now where's my next stop. Open to suggestions!!! My favorite items from spots I've already hit thus far:

Best Street Corn On The Cob - Citrus & Salt - to finish their street corn off they roll in in Flaming Hot Cheetos!

Best Street Corn Off The Cob - Naco Taco - lobster and bacon mixed in... HECK YES!

Best Guac - Lolitas - they add big chunks of bacon to their guac and to finish off the meal they give you cotton candy with Pop Rocks

Best Drinks - Yellow Door

Best Chorizo Taco - Lonestar in Allston

Best Carnitas Taco - Burro Bar in South End... apple chunks for part of the taco... YAAAAS!

Best Amount Of Delicious Taco Options - Tenoch in Medford


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