New Foods At Fenway This Year


Some stadiums like to get crazy with ridiculous new food items for baseball season, however I appreciate the stadiums that introduce delicious and edible foods. Ones that won't have me begging for mercy later!

This 2019 season Fenway is offering up some delicious items if you have a sweet tooth like the banana splitter and they've upped the game with the BLT introducing the LBLT ... that's right LOBSTAH BLTs ... I'll def be having a few of those this season!

As for some other stadiums introducing some crazy food items; Arizona and Texas always seem to take the cake. Some of the new crazies this year...

  • The Fowl Pole-- Texas Rangers: A two-pound chicken tender, waffle fries and dipping sauces.
  • SI Cover Dog-- Arizona Diamondbacks: An 18-inch bratwurst with jalapeƱo-apple coleslaw, fried mac and cheese and house-cured beer pickles.
  • Fritos Pie Corn Dog-- Houston Astros: A corn dog covered in Fritos corn chips, queso blanco and Texas chili
  • 32 Ingredient Salad-- Toronto Blue Jays: Well that's just impressive, but I'm not going to a staidum for a salad. (CBS Sports)


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