Chris Evans - Apple TV Series To Film In Newton

Seems as though Captain America is coming to MA to film an Apple TV series based off the 2012 book "Defending Jacob". The murder mystery series is set to start filming at Cold Spring Park in April. If you use the park to let your dog frolick you may be out of luck a few days. Eight episodes will take us through the story of Andy Barber, an assistant D.A who is investigating the murder of a 14 year old boy. He soon finds out that his son is a suspect!

Filming at Cold Spring is Monday April 8, 9, 16. Filming at UMASS Amherst/Mount Ida is Marathon Monday - the 18th of April. Filming in the Newton Highland is at the end of May.

Boston Castings is taking applications for extras... heads up I filled out the application this morning only to find that I had to pay $60 to get my application on their site :-( ... I want my 15 minutes!!!

If you have $60 to swing here's the site to set up a Talent Application


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