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Local country music in New England now has a home on 101.7 The Bull.  Hosted by Marlborough’s own Jessica Callahan, Sunday nights at 10 on the Bull, we roll out the top local and regional country music acts from right here in our own backyard.  101.7 The Bull’s Backyard Country guarantees you’ll hear your favorite local acts and discover music from New England country bands and artists.  Backyard Country is where you’ll hear the next New England country star to make it big! 

Submit your music today!

We accept high-quality .wav submissions of only original songs from local, unsigned artists.  To qualify, you need to either be originally FROM or currently live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Maine!

Here's what you should include:

NameBand name (If Different)Website URL: Specific Hometown in New England (Either Current or Where You Were Born) Song Title ISRC Code (click here for more info)Brief Bio High Quality .wav (Please, No MP3's or M4A's)HeadshotEmail your submission to:


Timmy Brown- "Runaround Town" Nashville/MA

Lyssa Coulter- "See Me Now" Nashville/MA

Abby Rose- "Rewind" MA

Chris Ruediger- "Takes A Breakup" Nashville/MA

James Hewitt- "What Mother's Do" MA

Tim Buono- "Polaroid" MA

Kate Cameron- "Turn On Your Light" MA

Annie Brobst- "Whiskey Colors" MA

Jordan Bain-"When You Leave" MA

Louie Bello- "Ain't Tryna Be A Cowboy" MA

Thanks for listening!

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